Children's Minsitry

God is Good All The Time!

Sundays Are Fun Days!


Nursery (0-PreK)

Trinity’s Nursery is located in the upstairs hall of the Children’s Wing and is staffed with trained workers and loving volunteers. It is open on Sundays from 8:15am until both late services are over. The nursery is also open and staffed during other various times of the week on an as-needed basis. Please contact Amy Green to schedule the nursery for any church-sponsored events.


Sunday School (K-5th)

Sunday School for kindergarten through 5th grade begins in Room 300 at 9:30 for a meet and greet. At 9:45, teachers lead their class to their classrooms where they will study and learn from the Hands-On Bible Curriculum. Parents can pick up their children at 10:30 in their classrooms. For any additional information, please call Amy Green at 251-0750