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Which do you prefer: to give the perfect gift—something you know for sure that the recipient will absolutely treasure—or to receive the perfect gift yourself?

There’s no right or wrong answer here; most of us would admit to finding value in both. There’s a certain satisfaction in showing someone that you care in a way that’s meaningful to them, but there’s also great joy in discovering that someone cares enough about you to know what you’d like.

Had any good surprises lately?
This past Sunday, we began distributing copies of Maxie Dunnam’s Irresistible Invitation: Responding to the Extravagant Heart of God. The book is a forty-day study that shows us how extravagant God’s love has been toward us, and how we can turn that into lives poured out for others. It is hoped by now you’ve accepted the invitation and started digging in.

  It’s so easy to make snap judgments about others, isn’t it? Though we may try our best to see others through eyes of grace, fully understanding that they’re still works in progress, just as we are, it can happen so quickly that we barely recognize it. In the blink of an eye, we size someone up according to their gender, their clothing, their race, and maybe what we consider their level of attractiveness. And based on all that, we form expectations about who they are.

I am composing this message while traveling to one of my family’s favorite getaways just south of Branson. We planned this trip months ago as a celebration gift for my wife’s birthday. I won’t tell you her age, but it’s the big one. That is not the big announcement, but the timing of the trip means that this is not exactly the ideal way to share the news I must share. Our Bishop, Cynthia Fierro-Harvey, has asked me to serve as a District Superintendent for the Louisiana Conference. I will be assuming the new role this summer, July 1. Although I will be leaving Trinity, Leslie will remain appointed here providing invaluable assistance in the transition to new pastoral leadership.