Trinity United Methodist Church, founded in 1884, has a distinguished history of serving our congregation and community. We are currently in our fourth church which was established in September 1971. Services were held in the Fellowship Hall until the Sanctuary was completed in 1974. The Youth Building (which includes the Gym) was completed in 1978.

Four decades later, the Sanctuary and Youth Building are in need of renovation and enhancements.

The capital campaign’s focus is Faith and Future. The Faith aspect of our campaign will enhance and improve our worship experience. The Future aspect is about the lifeblood of the church, our youth. By improving the Youth Building, we will be investing in our young people who will become future leaders of the church.

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There are two main goals of the capital campaign


Renovate the Sanctuary to make the Chancel more functional and easier to navigate; and to update the lighting and sound systems to enhance worship and special services.


Modernize the Youth Building and expand the property with an outdoor meeting space that will augment our Youth ministry, and increase functionality and safety of the building.

The expected cost of the renovation projects is $3.2 million.

The Our Faith,Our Future campaign is a three-year capital campaign. Your pledge will represent over-and-above giving for the next three years. Our Commitment Sunday will be on March 25. We will announce total commitments on April 15.

God is inviting us to improve the quality of our buildings in keeping with Trinity’s strict standard of offering God our best. These renovations will position us to make future disciples of Jesus Christ through more effective Traditional worship services. Furthermore, we are making a statement to our youth and to all who enter the doors of our Youth Building, that we are willing to invest in their future by providing spaces with their needs in mind

Join with us in prayer

Lord, what do you want to do through me?

If you're not sure what to pray for, here are some suggestions:


Unity of Vision


Faith and Contentment in God's Will


Joy-Filled Stewardship


Transformed Lives

A Servant's Heart


New Discipleship Opportunities


Wisdom for Decisions


New Relationship Opportunities

Renovating our Youth Building will:

Provide More Space

Increase the usable space by adding an outdoor meeting space, making room for our youth group to grow, and providing additional space for any of our church groups to hold special events.

Be more inviting

Make a more inviting space for teenagers to be and invite their friends

Renovate the Gym

Improve the functionality of the gym by adding a movable wall that will divide the gym into two different spaces

Increase Safety

Improve the safety of the facility by adding a sprinkler system, which will also bring our building up to code.

Improve the Worship Space

Improve the worship space, not only enhancing the worship experience for the youth, but providing space for youth and college-age students to develop their ability to lead in worship.

Enhance Small Group Ministry

Rearrange the small group spaces to make the building much more usable, while keeping the areas in compliance with our safe sanctuaries policy.

Increase Security

Make the bathrooms handicap accessible and update the showers.

Modernize Equipment

Modernize the equipment (TV’s, air conditioning, kitchen and serving appliances, etc.) which will enhance youth worship and meetings.

Move the Activities Director

Move the Activities Director's office, making it more secure and functional.

Update the bathrooms

Make the bathrooms handicap accessible and update the showers.

Renovating our Sanctuary will:

Increase Useable Space

Increase the usable space in the Chancel (front of the Sanctuary), making room for the orchestra, larger choir, and special music groups.

Increase Accessibility

Increase accessibility in our sanctuary so those in wheelchairs are not limited to the back of the church, and make it easier and safer for people to access the chancel.

Improve Lighting

Improve the lighting, making it more energy-efficient and less hot for those leading in worship.

Replace the Carpet

Replace the carpet, flooring and pew covers, improving the comfort and cohesiveness of the Sanctuary with the rest of the building.

Increases Flexibility

Make the space more flexible for different types of events, such as special concerts, musicals, and more.

Add a Cross

Add a cross above the organ pipes, providing an appropriate focal point during worship. Our existing cross, usually found on the altar each Sunday, will continue to be used in narthex, welcoming visitors and members alike.

Improve Safety

Improve the safety of the chancel, making it easier to maneuver.

Repair the Organ

Provide opportunity with the temporary removal of the organ (during construction) for its cleaning and retooling, improving the quality of sound.

Update the Sound System

Update the sound system, reducing the number of “cold spots” in the church and making it easier for people to hear, which will enhance worship participation.

Relocate the Piano

Relocate the piano slightly, making it more front for the choir.

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